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Berocca and a Latte

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Roche Pharmaceuticals

Berocca has achieved a unique status as a lifestyle brand in the vitamin supplement sector. But with 100% distribution in pharmacies how could the brand continue to grow?

We did an analysis of when and why consumers took Berocca within the context of their broader lifestyle choices, and then sought to align this behaviour with a new channel to market.

We found that people took Berocca because they felt it ‘picked them up’ in the morning, and as a hangover cure. It was usually taken at breakfast time.

Breakfast for the target market was often a coffee and a croissant purchased from a coffee shop.

We made a recommendation to sell Berocca through coffee shop chains. The basket size in coffee shops is relatively small and Berocca offers a high margin addition.

A test market was run through small independent coffee shop chains. With positive results for both the outlets and the brand with strong sales of Berocca.

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