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The interconnectivity of all things

We all do it.

We like to put things in boxes, pigeonhole and compartmentalise. It’s an essential part of our processing to organise and understand. We break down problems and opportunities into constituent parts. We address problems and opportunities on a ‘by silo’ basis.

It provides us with areas of expertise and knowledge, cost centres and management focus.

It allows us to tame the beast.

But at a cost.

Gaps open up between the boxes (and you need to mind the gaps) causing inefficiency at best, fragmentation and disconnection at worst. An initiative in one silo can have unintended and unforeseeable consequences in another. *

The big picture is lost, along with the ability for an organisation to maximise potential.

Businesses are organic – they are made of people (not process and procedure). Everyone within the corporate body needs to function together in harmony if the business is to remain fit and health, grow and become stronger.

And the corporate organism needs to be at one with its environment as well if it is to survive the natural selection process and become top dog (sorry, getting all Darwinian there).

Therefore, it is necessary to create cross business focus and communication, retain a ‘big picture’ perspective. And, it is necessary to develop ‘total solutions’ that address all aspects of the business, not just one. For example, a brand strategy should permeate npd and production, sales, customer service and therefore HR (recruitment) as well as marketing.

And, if a business is to maximise its potential, be exceptional, it needs to evolve (back to Darwin I’m afraid) beyond its competition and the only way to do that is to apply original, focused and consistent thinking across the business. That’s what delivers the exceptional.

We call this the application of Macro Creativity.

And we have evolved to apply Macro Creativity to businesses (Doh! did it again).  

Macro Creativity is the syringe that delivers business adrenalin.


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