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Martell (Seagram Duty Free)

The Cognac sector was in decline with retailers struggling to maintain returns.

So Martell created a new mid-range Cognac, Noblige, with a contemporary look and styling, to complete their Europeans Duty Free portfolio.

Noblige was rejected outright by retailers and achieved zero listings.

We explored consumer purchase motivations and examined the trade problems within the Cognac category.

We found an aging consumer base for Cognac. Young consumers do not consider Cognac relevant and do not understand either the nature of the product (grape based spirit) or the different grades of Cognac (too complex). And retailers were confronted with too many brands in a declining category and seeking to rationalise the existing range. There was no obvious space for yet another Cognac.

We therefore created a category focussed POS and merchandising campaign to contemporises Cognac, educate the consumer and promote the whole category. We used Noblige as the fulcrum for the campaign as it possesses contemporary design cues and sits in the middle of the Cognac ‘hierarchy’ as a mid-range cognac. We could then use the full Martell range to provide the other ‘points of reference’ to aid consumer education.

As a result of the refocusing of the activity, Martell Noblige listed in all target accounts and achieved market leadership of the mid range category within twelve months with over 90% market share.

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